Guess Who

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

6 Secret Portraits, made and exhibited in Mauer Park.

Hidden in boxes of stuff are 6 portraits made and exhibited in secret at Mauer Park Floh Markt, Berlin. These folk are not part of the chic crowd which gathers at the Market each Sunday, looking cool and being seen, but those rummaging religiously each week on the hunt for a good bargain. By exhibiting the drawings I made secretly of these people, within the boxes of stuff, the idea of finding yourself whilst finding a bargain becomes a real  possibility. A portrait is priceless to the portraitee but to others much less. What if you found a ready made portrait of yourself , knowing someone somewhere has studied your every detail but you know not who.

So many abandoned portrait photos float around the stalls of the floh markt, in this event the buyers and sellers are added to the mix. I too let my work go to this sea making a decision to give rather than take.The form of the portrait is important in Mauer park, so many portraits of anonymous people can be found and bought, as a quirky souvenir or to jazz up some hip vintage cafe joint.

Both the stand holder and players were unaware of this project at the time of making.


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