The Presidents Collection

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

200 Slogans on 200 T-shirts. The PR of Politions is comical. The distrubing part however is it works.

Slogans give the opportunity to say it all in few words, a summary of the beliefs held by an individual or group, . Sometimes these slogans catch on and are thrown worldwide, giving people to opportunity to wear a t-shirt and show the world thier opinion. People like to let others know their affliations and not least on a t-shirt.

It is also disturbing how often political or subcultural slogans and imagery are riped-off for commercial gain, ‘The Presidents Collections’ could easily be the next big h&m hit.

In this project 200 paper t-shirts were made with slogans from the year 1800 untill present penciled on. This collection makes vast a sea of PR attempts to change the world.

Highlighting the Winning and Losing slogans is important in the race to be the best. Each real size t-shirt bears the winner or loser in its tag. Politics is a game and the rules are someone wins and someone loses.

See more on the project blog here.


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